Hanna Trailer: Beware the Girl Wearing Mukluks


The trailer for Hanna starts out like some winter wonderland remix of Kick Ass, with a crazy, rogue CIA agent dad (Eric Bana) loving on his super-fighter daughter (Saoirse Ronan) by beating her up, except this time the daughter's wearing mukluks instead of a superhero costumes. Things get crazier from there, as if Kick Ass met The Hunger Games (bows and arrows!), with Ronan's wild child Hanna (she looks like she was raised by wolves) let loose in the world, to snap some necks (literally) and make life hard for super CIA agent Marissa Wiegler, played by a redheaded and Southern-accented Cate Blanchett doing some zany half-impersonation of Rocky & Bullwinkle's Natasha (which she already did in the fourth Indiana Jones. Also, clearly Wiegler and Hanna have some kind of, possibly biological, secret history). Everyone's accents are crazy — Blanchett's, Bana's, Ronan's — and the whole thing looks really intense, not at all in a bad way.