Happy Holidays, Universe: Kanye West Has Dropped a Christmas Song


Really anytime before 808s & Heartbreak, a Kanye West Christmas song would have been no big deal: Dude's always had a goopy streak (College Dropout's “Family Business”: “I'm talkin' 'bout three by the head and three by the leg / But you ain't have to tell my girl I used to pee in the bed”) and has made his position on the tenets of Jesus Christ abundantly clear. But now?! Right after “Blame Game”? After “Hell of a Life”? After successfully using both the words dark and twisted in an album title? Yes, now. It's an unfinished leak called “Christmas in Harlem,” and it is — except for the part when Kanye uses the phrase “hot chocolate” as sexual innuendo — super fucking cheerful. We're talking xylophone. (A word of thanks to CyHi da Prynce, by the way, for spending part of his verse rapping, in first person, as Santa Claus: “I let my beard grow 'cause it's cold in the North Pole,” etc. Oh, also, while we're in the parentheses: obligatory “Christmas in Hollis” mention!). But … what? Why? Where? Shh. Don't fret. It'll all make sense someday. For now — ladies and gentlemen, Kanye West's Christmas song.