Is Jon Stewart Still a Comedian First, Pundit Second?


Has Jon Stewart moved from an opinionated comedian to a funny activist? Slate takes a look at his recent boostering for the 9/11 first responders health coverage bill: “Stewart would probably argue that pushing for 9/11 workers comp – 9/11 workers comp, for Chrissake! – isn’t taking a political stance. It’s taking a stance for decency, heroism, and the American people. Indeed, he called it “the Least-We-Can-Do-No-Brainer Act of 2010.” But stripped of the funny, that sounds a lot like what a politician would say. So did Stewart’s cheap shot about Mitch McConnell crying over the departure of his friend Sen. Judd Gregg—but not, Stewart seemed to suggest, about 9/11. Republicans may have had a flimsy case for blocking the bill, and Stewart rightly mocked the GOP for failing to help 9/11 workers after milking the tragedy all these years, but by shaming them in the name of 9/11 workers, he was engaging in demagoguery himself. It may have been for a good cause, but it was political demagoguery all the same.”