Is Liam Gallagher Singing About His Brother on the New Beady Eye Single?


Even though he didn't write the majority of the material in Oasis, the junior Gallagher brother has bounced back nicely after the band's split with Beady Eye, an act all his own. Their Vulture-approved first single "Bring the Light" dropped back in November, and now here comes a music video for follow-up release "Four Letter Word." The clip itself plays it pretty straight, with Liam and Co. running through a set in a sparsely attended cozy venue, and Gallagher doing his rock-star-swag thing where he acts like he can barely be bothered to even walk over to the microphone and sing the words to his own song. (Also present: insinuations of drug use, via some low-level psychedelic effects and the couplet "it's about time that your mind took a holiday / you're all grown up, don't you want to go and play.") Notable is that, at certain parts, it sort of sounds like Liam's equably addressing his big bro burning out with their old band: "Ahhh, you've had enough / Of staring out of dead-end eyes," "Dead on your feet / we're going out of our minds," "nothing ever lasts forever," etc. Very understanding of you, Liam!