Jake Gyllenhaal Has Yet to Text Anne Hathaway Back


Gyllenhaal scored his first Golden Globes nod this morning for his turn in Love and Other Drugs and, like the good friend she is, his co-star Anne Hathaway, also nominated, texted him to say congrats: "She said, 'Dude! Exclamation point. Congrats! Millions of exclamation points. You did it! Exclamation points. First Golden Globe nom, right? Millions of question marks. X,'" Gyllenhaal revealed. "She texted me this morning and I haven’t texted her back yet," he added. Now, obviously, it's just a text — let's not overanalyze this or anything — but, still: It had been hours and hours since she'd sent that, and he hadn't written back to say thanks? Was he thinking of the perfect thing to say? Or was he pissed that she had to point out that it was his first Globes nod, whereas it was her second (for Rachel Getting Married, previously)? Hmmm. The world may never know. [Inside Movies/EW]
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