Jane Lynch: ‘Party Down Would Be a Long-Running Hit in England’


Jane Lynch got a Golden Globe nod for Glee today, but an E! reporter noted that Party Down, the canceled cult Starz show in which Jane was also a favorite, did not get nominated. "Could we have been nominated," Lynch wondered. Then she reminisced: "I loved that show. That was such a happy accident of wonderment. It was one of those things that fell together. In England, that would be a huge, long-running hit. Here, it was flash-in-the-pan. I thought it was flawless." So maybe she'd join the cast of Temp? Also, when E! asked Lynch's thoughts on Ed O'Neill having recently maybe, sort of said he didn't think Lynch should have won an Emmy, since Sue Sylvester, while funny, is "one-dimensional," Lynch merely said: "I'm glad it's over." We were sort of hoping she'd have some funny, candid reaction to that controversy, but it sounds like she's just putting it to bed. [E!]