What Did the Jersey Shore Gang Do on Their ‘Vacations’?


The Jersey Shore kids worked hard this year, shooting two whole seasons of their MTV show — and in different states, no less! That's like a sweatshop of crass, drunk loudmouthery. They deserved a break, but wouldn't you know it, when season three wrapped at the end of the summer, these workaholics couldn't put their feet up: They kept on being crass, drunken loudmouths for the rest of the year, on their own time. Fortunately, even though the MTV cameras were off, the paparazzi cameras were on, so enjoy this year-end look at how the Jersey Shore–ians spent their "vacation." (Still trying to figure out a good word for time off when the time on is not remotely taxing.) From Snooki experimenting with satellite-dish-size hats to Pauly bonding with Goofy, it's all here, so jump in!

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