Jesse Eisenberg Is Not Jesse Eisenberg’s Biggest Fan


Ed O'Neill isn't the only one quibbling about the beneficiaries of awards attention today: Jesse Eisenberg is also taking issue with an actor who's the subject of Oscar buzz, but in this case, it's himself. "I just feel that I've been better in other things, so the fact that there's so much attention on [The Social Network] in some ways is a bit jarring to me," the eternally self-deprecating actor told Movieline. "The reception is not in accordance with what I felt I produced." In fact, Eisenberg would just really rather you not pay attention to him at all: "I don’t read any press about myself. Oh, that sounds pretentious. I just mean it always ends up making me feel bad. They'll put like, 'Oh, he was great as the nerd in the movie,' and I don’t sleep for a night." [Movieline]