Joe Carnahan Blames Marketing for A-Team’s Box-Office Failure


This summer's A-Team remake grossed $77 million domestically, a number we wouldn't look down on, but for an anticipated action flick (with eleven screenwriters), this was considered a failure. Like Adam Brody before him (in response to Jennifer's Body's failure), Carnahan says the film was marketed poorly. “If I had a nickel for every time someone, especially women, came up to me and said they were dragged to the film but ended up liking it,” he said. “That’s how you know you blew it. And we blew it." And yet he's still angling for a sequel: "I think a large degree of [whether there will be a sequel] depends on how it does in this [DVD/Blu-ray] realm. We kind of fell victim to a marketing misstep in that there wasn’t necessarily an understanding of what the show was. We didn’t do an adequate enough job of telling people what the movie was, if you know what I mean." We don't really know what he means, which was apparently the problem. [Speakeasy/WSJ]