Kanye’s ‘Monster’ Video: Disembodied Heads, Double Nicki Minaj


The word is that this is not the final version of the “Monster” music video, but our layman's guess is that any changes will pertain to some esoteric postproduction technique more so than the actual content. Unless Kanye really wants to squeeze in a few more models hanging from nooses? Also present: a shirtless 'Ye, getting groped; a dapper Jay-Z, dressed as Mr. Blonde while ignoring a dead call girl; a sedentary Rick Ross, his beard looking extra Rick Ross–y; an animated Nicki Minaj interrogating, and then briefly giving a lap dance to, a second Nicki Minaj; zombie schoolgirls playing hopscotch; and, our personal favorite, a three-way scenario involving two dead, but possibly just disinterested, ladies. Despite all that titillating content, though, the clip feels more moderately paced than most music videos; either that means the cuts are relatively slower than the manic rate at which the rest of the field generally operates, or there really is more work to be done before the video's ready for public consumption. Anyway: Dead model time!