In Honor of Katy Perry, The Simpsons Debases Itself


Previously, Katy Perry filmed a segment of Sesame Street that was deemed too cleavage-heavy to air. Because such a dis of Perry’s cleavage is totally insupportable, The Simpsons took it upon itself to defend Perry’s honor, announcing back in September that “In the wake of Elmo’s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry,” and would be filming an episode with the pop star. The result of this collaboration, a very rare live-action segment, aired last night on the show’s Christmas episode. Turns out, The Simpsons has done scores of famous people huge favors by letting them appear on the show as cartoon version of themselves, not themself versions of themselves. Perry, you should have held out for a yellow avatar.

In the episode, Perry appears in a dream of Maggie’s as Moe's latex-clad girlfriend. She ends up giving Mr. Burns a hug ("Someone totally needs a hug," she says. "I kissed a girl and I liked it," he says. Why is Maggie dreaming pervy old-man dreams?) before leading everyone in a rousing version of the off-color "39 Days of Christmas." And then, after the credits, Moe inadvertently goes down on her. Good times! The Simpsons tries to gets meta about all of this, with the following exchange: "Well it's been a long run, but i think this will kill it." "The Simpsons?" "No, Christmas." But even that's not enough meta to make this funny.