Katy Perry’s B-Sides Shame Other Pop Stars’ Album Cuts


Seriously, listen to this thing; it is massive. And it wasn't even good enough for Perry's actual album: the Dr. Luke/Max Martin–produced breakup jam “Part of Me” traces back to the Teenage Dream sessions, but was bumped for other, arguably lesser, fare. That's understandable, though — you don't want to overload your blockbuster pop album with full-bellow crescendo choruses, and Teenage already has its share (although if “Peacock” had been bumped for this, we wouldn't have been mad about it at all). Alternately: Perry's team knew they had a good one on their hands and purposefully pulled it aside so as to tack it onto the inevitable squeeze-the-lemon-all-the-way-please-thanks Teenage Dream re-release that's dropping in early 2011. Either way, it's such a keeper it beat out Waka Flocka Flame's “This Is What I Do” for the day's coveted Right-Click spot even though OJ Da Juiceman has a verse on that song in which he says “smoking kush at the house while your bitch clean my shoe" (like, one shoe). Now, sing along with sad Katy. [Idolator]