Fug Girl Smackdown: Who Is Lady Gaga’s Crazy-Fashion Heir Apparent, Nicki Minaj or Ke$ha?


Lady Gaga has taught us many things — like, you can indeed shop for an outfit at the supermarket — but the primary lesson of her meteoric rise is that no matter how talented you may be, your best shot at major fame is wearing outfits so baffling we can't possibly look away. And thus a passel of attention-hungry imitators was born, most notably Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj. Both ladies spent 2010 revving up their solo careers with as big — and befuddling — a sartorial splash as possible: We’re talking animal masks, catsuits, eyebrow jewels, face paint, and even a headdress. Of course, no one can out-Gaga the master, but since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we've put Ke$ha and Nicki's wild wardrobes in a head-to-head battle to see which of them has the best shot at being … well, definitely not Gaga's replacement in the Crazytown monarchy, but perhaps her lady-in-waiting.