Kevin Costner Is Being Sued by Stephen Baldwin


During the darkest days of the BP oil spill, Kevin Costner stepped forward with a machine, developed in part during the production of Waterworld, that separated oil from water. Sensibly, Stephen Baldwin wanted a piece of the action and bought a 10 percent share of Costner's magic machine company. Now, the faith-iest Baldwin brother says he was tricked into selling his shares back to the company so that Costner and his partners could turn around and sell it all directly to BP, and is suing for unspecified damages. And the craziest thing about this story is that it kind of makes sense! Or, alternately: The craziest thing about this story is that it's not even today's craziest Kevin Costner story. That would be Kazakhstani auteur Akan Satayev declaring that for his next project, "a historical epic drama" about the founding of the Kazakh state, he is "in negotiations with Kevin Costner" to star. Christian Bale gets China; Costner gets (maybe, but probably not) Kazakhstan. Sounds about right. [TMZ, Playlist]