Which Kubrick-Compared Director Is the Most Kubrickian?


With Christopher Nolan’s Inception arriving on Blu-ray and DVD this week, it’s time to address an important issue: Comparisons to Stanley Kubrick were de rigueur in 2010 for a certain kind of filmmaker — ambitious, mysterious, and a little control-freaky. Sometimes the comparison is self-made — witness Kanye West’s recent assertion that he was influenced by Kubrick as he directed his 30-minute video for “Runaway." In other cases (as in Nolan's), it was journalists drawing parallels. We’ve decided to take a look at some of the working filmmakers most regularly compared to Kubrick and have given them a grade on the Kubrick-o-Meter, ranging between 0 (meaning not very Kubrickian at all) to 10 (meaning, basically, Stanley Kubrick). (Also, please note that there are several directors who’ve been around a while and have become institutions in and of themselves that we’ve left off the list, such as Martin Scorsese, the Coen Brothers, and David Lynch.)