Lady Gaga Spent Christmas Weekend in Glamorous Omaha, Nebraska


Lest you think Lady Gaga had a beautiful Parisian Christmas after shopping pantless in the City of Lights for most of last week, the Omaha World-Herald would like to set the record straight: The Lady actually flew to Omaha, Nebraska, to spend the holiday with boyfriend Luc Carl, and the town was abuzz! "[I've seen her in] New York. You expected that," said one Nebraska native. "I didn't expect to see her on Christmas Eve at a seafood place in Omaha, Nebraska. That just doesn't happen." In fact, fish-market proprietor Geoff Hammond didn't even recognize the singer, though he held her hand while admiring her manicure (this is something that 62-year-old fish barons do in Omaha — don't question it). When asked how it felt to grasp the hand of the "Poker Face"–singing pop star, Hammond demurred: "I don't know ... I'd like to know how she feels about holding my hand.” []