Larry David Is Only Sarcastically Into Those Tax Cuts, Obama


There's another funny guy in the op-ed pages today, with Larry David penning a tongue-in-cheek "appreciation" of the newly extended Bush tax cuts. He writes that thanks to the cuts, he'll now fly first class, splurge on a flat-screen, and buy blueberries: "It’s also going to be a boon for my health. After years of coveting them, I’ll finally be able to afford blueberries. Did you know they have a lot of antioxidants, which prevent cancer? Cancer! This tax cut just might save my life. Who said Republicans don’t support health care? ... The only problem is if, God forbid, the tax cuts are repealed in two years, how will I ever go back to Special K and bananas? ... Of course, I suppose with the money I managed to save from the Seinfeld syndication, I probably could continue to eat granola with blueberries, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Life was good, and now it’s even better. Thank you, Republicans. And a special thank you to President Obama and the Democrats. I didn’t know you cared." [NYT]