Lil Wayne Is Getting Drugs Named After Him


Lil Wayne doesn't really need help from local news broadcasts to launch a successful return to the top of the pop world. Exhibit A: His "A Milli"-on-roids comeback single "6'7" ("You niggas are gelatin, peanuts to an elephant / I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate," etc.) has been engendering good vibes since yesterday afternoon, and makes it clear that Wayne is fully in control of the situation, knowing he must satiate the rap nerds before dropping the big radio hit. Whenever the push for Tha Carter IV starts in earnest, rest assured that the coverage will reach heights of obsessiveness not seen since Kanye's album a few weeks ago. That said: This local news segment — in which cops in Newark unveil a batch of confiscated heroin marked "Lil Wayne" for street-branding purposes — probably won't hurt. Bonus points for reporter Arthur Chen's quips: "If your name ends up on one of these, it's like you made it? [Pause.] If you come across an 'Arthur Chen,' you're gonna have to let me know." [Boombox]