Lil Wayne Played on a Rooftop for Carson Daly Last Night


As promised, Lil Wayne taped a performance for Carson Daly's New Year's Eve special last night in New York. It went down at rooftop bar 230 Fifth, usually the domain of guys who can tell you multiple personal stories that prominently feature the ingestion of Jager-bombs, and while Vulture's invitation presumably got lost in the mail, some wonderful person has uploaded not-too-terrible handheld footage from the gig of Wayne and Cory Gunz running through “6 Foot, 7 Foot” to YouTube. While we're on the subject of that new jam, check out its producer, Bangladesh, explaining the process of working with Wayne on it: “I remember when he was in he was calling me and asking me what the beat was saying, so I was just assum[ing] he was writing in jail and they were giving him the information so he could really build off it.” Wait. Stop for a second. Take that in: Lil Wayne's team was describing what the beat sounded like and Wayne prepped his verses off of that. Incredible.