Limitless Trailer: Drugs Make Bradley Cooper Smart


What if there was one little pill that could change your whole life, but The Matrix had already used that as a plot point? Maybe you would end up with a movie like Limitless, in which Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer who apparently spends his days polishing his impersonation of John Cusack in Being John Malkovich, before starting to take one of those magical pharmaceuticals that lets you access your "whole brain." Voilà, dude cuts his hair, finishes his book, learns Italian, cares about Van Gogh, figures out the stock market, buys some multi-million-dollar property, and comes to the attention of businessman Robert De Niro. Inevitably, to the sound of Kanye's "Power," things go wrong: Cooper's character starts to black out whole days, he cheats on his girlfriend (Abbie Cornish), people start following him around, guns appear. It's like, What, you think in this movie about a fictional super-drug there aren't going to be consequences? Please, there's always a dark side to life-altering, life-bettering, 100 percent fictional narcotics; it's in the movie rule book under "Fantasies: Technological." (Which is just a few pages away from "Fantasies: Romantic," though in that entry dark sides and consequences are strictly forbidden.) Anyway, the movies are not in the business of being pro-drugs or anti-consequences, obviously, so Bradley Cooper — about whom we remain fundamentally unconvinced — is totally going to turn back into his regular self, though he'll probably get to keep his better haircut, one of the apartments, and some life wisdom.