2010: The Year of the Onscreen Love Triangle


In the old days of film and television when hang-ups about sex, class, and race were more widespread, there were all sorts of story obstacles to onscreen romance, but in 2010, there's only one left with any real potency: the love triangle. Still, even that can't account for how ubiquitous the plot device was this past year, as virtually every romantic heroine of note proved so irresistible that hearing it from one suitor wasn't enough ... she needed at least two male rivals competing to tell her how gorgeous, amazing, and desirable she was (and for some reason, the more heroic suitor was usually named Bill or Will). Whether it's a byproduct of our self-esteem-craving age or just the renaissance of a romance-novel mentality, there was no arguing with the love triangle this year, even if they usually culminated with the exact wrong couple getting together. Vulture decided to take a look at six of the most notable.