Missing G.O.O.D. Fridays? Lloyd Banks Can Help


Ever since Kanye stopped giving away awesome free music, it’s been a bit drab around Vulture HQ on Friday afternoons. Most weeks, we spend the time just kind of sitting around listlessly, constantly refreshing the Twitter, hoping against all odds for something other than art jokes we don’t get to show up. Today, though, we found solace, and from the most unlikely of sources: G-Unit second in command Lloyd Banks, whose "Official UK remix" for “Start It Up” adds Sway and Giggs to previous guests Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beatz, and the aforementioned ‘Ye, and makes it feel like one of those overstuffed G.O.O.D. Friday posse cuts that used to grace our lives with wonderful regularity in the halcyon days of a few weeks ago. You definitely don’t need to know anything about either Sway or Giggs to enjoy their dense verses, but it probably does help if you have a natural appreciation for funny-sounding slang from other countries (“jezzie”?) and Harry Potter references. Also important: Along with yesterday’s post on The Streets, it is now officially British Rap Music Week at Vulture.