More Controversy for Lil Wayne’s New Single


First Lil Wayne's comeback single "Six Foot, Seven Foot" incited lasagna-gate; now, a fellow by the name of Nicholas RAS Furlong says he was ripped off for the track's sample (of Harry Belafonte's "Day-O (Banana Boat)"). Via Furlong's Twitter: "Wow … so I'm playing a few ideas in the studio last month with Bangladesh in the room … Just now hearing Lil' Wayne's new single … Tell me why the same exact sample I used in one of those songs, this dude goes home and flips? Coincidence? No … #HelloBiter." Bangladesh's manager denies that the producer has ever even met Furlong. We're going to have to give Bangladesh the benefit of the doubt on this one, not only because he's got a proven track record of top-notch production but also because he gives awesome interviews. Check out his reasoning for why he didn't send the beat to T.I.: "I've given him amazing beats before, and we just don't get anything done. At the end of the day it's really not the beats, it's about the artist. Some artists like to stay the same, and that's what T.I. does. He's in a place where he's not sure what he should be doing, so he stays in the same place because that's where he feels safe. My beats are not safe." [Billboard]