Odd Future Delivers a Contrarian Christmas Message


Seeing as they seem to hate everything, it’s not surprising that Internet famous rap crew Odd Future’s addition to the holiday-music canon would be a song called “Fuck This Christmas.” Continuing to channel the spirit of early Eminem — complete with tried-and-true sure-to-offend trademarks like dropping the F-word early and often, and sketching out detailed scenes of grisly violence, plus all brand-news ones like threatening to sodomize a beloved sci-fi character (you'll have to listen to find out who!) — the crew stays bluntly on message over a plodding near-nothing beat and a pitchy-on-purpose chorus. It’s unclear whether lines like “I drunk a fifth of eggnog / stole Santa’s reindeer / joy rolled the North pole” and “burn some Christmas trees with large amounts of thick snow” and "No more presents / no more cranberry sauce" are supposed to be funny or ominous or both, but no matter how you take them, they're sure to not get you in the Christmas spirit. Also unclear: Is it this Christmas in particular that's bothering Odd Future, or the tradition as a whole?