Olivia Wilde Joins Daft Punk


Vulture's review of Daft Punk's Internet-disappointing Tron: Legacy soundtrack highlighted the track "Derezzed," "which comes stomping and glitching along halfway through, to give you what you’ve been waiting for" amid all that somber film-score-y stuff. Now the video for has been released, and it lets you forget for at least two minutes and fifty-two seconds that the Internet maybe let us down on this one. While the track seriously bumps, the Daft Punk dudes play high-level Tron-style jousting until one is ousted from his digital horse. The victor then (gasp) takes off the omnipresent helmet — only to reveal onetime Mischa Barton love interest and Tron star Olivia Wilde. Wow, she's been in Daft Punk this whole time?