Party Lines Slideshow: Elle Fanning, Sofia Coppola, James Franco, and More at Somewhere’s Premiere


Last week at Somewhere's New York premiere, Vulture spoke with Elle Fanning, the movie's young star, about the bonding experiences she shared with her onscreen father, Stephen Dorff. "Sofia wanted us to have that relationship, so he'd pick me up from school," Fanning explained. "We went to Pinkberry and we also went to this pottery painting place called Color Me Mine. I sort of had to teach him how to do it because he’d never been there before. He did pretty good. He did this ashtray with a cigarette in it. I made a soap dish with an ice skate on it, and then we also made a wine glass that said "Somewhere" on it, and we gave that to Sofia at the end of shooting." What did your classmates think when they saw Dorff at school? "At first they were like, 'Who’s this guy picking you up?' He had in these long extensions for this other movie, so it was even weirder. He came to my volleyball game and he’d be like, “Go No. 15!” and he’d have these hair extensions in." For more celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.