Party Lines Slideshow: Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Marcia Gay Harden, and More at the Tisch School of the Arts Gala


Robin Williams was on hand at the Tisch School of Arts Gala honoring Billy Crystal, and Vulture asked him about his undergrad days at Juilliard. "I was cast as a character actor," Williams told us. "I was cast to be kind of like Kevin Kline, but hairier. I know that sounds strange, but everyone was cast [when] admitted to Juilliard. Chris Reeve was in the same class with me, and was a leading man." So what kind of stuff did you learn? "John Houseman had the greatest advice. He said [in John Houseman voice]: 'Mr. Reeve, Mr. Williams, the theater needs you. Unless, of course, you can make shitloads of cash doing movies.' He was very sweet that way. He was very straight up about it." For more celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.