Party Lines Slideshow: Stephen Baldwin, Jon Lovitz, Kevin Spacey, and More at the Casino Jack Screening


At Cinema Society's screening of Casino Jack, Stephen Baldwin was nice enough not only to stop and chat with Vulture on the red carpet, but also to say all kinds of hilarious things. On his prospects for public office: "Well, there’s whispers amongst the conservative movement that if Ron Reagan and Sarah Palin and the likes can ascend to such political positions, then there’s hope for a kooky kid like Stevie B." On his long-term goals: "What I’m doing is I’m 44 years old, my plan is to be a billionaire by 50, which these days, that’s very doable. And once I achieve that goal, my plan would be to be the George Soros for Jesus." On Sarah Palin's moose-killing game: "I’ve got to get on the phone or talk with Sarah Palin as soon as possible. From about 50 or 60 yards she had a clear shot at a moose there ... she missed the first three times! Come on, Sarah. Dial in that scope and let’s take care of business." For more amusing celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.