Five Things We Learned This Year About How to Make a Good Pre-Spoiled Movie


Even though the Oscar race is just now starting to heat up, one thing seems certain: With The King's Speech, The Social Network, 127 Hours, and The Fighter all serious contenders, it’s likely that this year’s Best Picture winner will be Pre-Spoiled. Which is to say, it will be based on a real-life story whose ending is already known to most audiences (and is also probably the very reason the movie was made in the first place): We know that Mark Zuckerberg is going to become a billionaire, Aron Ralston is going to saw his arm off, King George is going to make that damned speech, etc. If anything, 2010 has taught us that when done right, pre-spoiled movies can be as suspenseful — even more so, sometimes — as films about which we wish to know nothing in advance. So what tips do these films offer on how to make great pre-spoiled movies? Read on.‬