Did Sarah Palin More Convincingly Murder Rudolph on Conan or Kimmel?


A few weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel did what needed doing and took the audio of Sarah Palin killing a deer on her reality show and laid it over the classic stop-motion movie Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer. Voilà, Sarah Palin, reindeer killer. Last night Kimmel reaired that episode, which was unfortunate timing for Conan O'Brien, who premiered his own version of "Palin Kills Rudolph, You Betchya" on his show yesterday evening. While we could get bogged down in debating whether Conan ripped Kimmel off and who did it better, let's instead celebrate the fact that you can now see Sarah Palin killing Rudolph twice. Merry Christmas!

Here's Kimmel's version:

Here's Conan's: