Science Says You Should Get Paid for Dicking Around on Splitsider

Research found that a brief break to watch a genuinely funny internet clip creates a positive mood which in turn leads to greater creativity.And scientists believe many people subconsciously tune in to classic clips like the couple recreating Dirty Dancing at their wedding just to get into a good mood so they can do their job better. They may also need the lift from a spot of online humour to rejuventate their creative juices after a few dull hours tied to their desks.

Of course, this brings up an unsettling question: if watching funny videos all day makes you better at doing your job, why am I not the world’s most efficient worker? Does watching funny videos as work rather than a distraction from work ruin the effect? Am I damaged goods? Damn you, science! You never have all the answers I seek! This is why I turned to Scientology!