Should Bob Dylan Retire?


Is it time for Bob Dylan to finally retire as a performer? The Wall Street Journal's John Jurgensen thinks so, as do many fans who have been displeased with underwhelming or entirely unrecognizable performances of his best-known songs at his recent concerts. Though Jurgensen and the fans interviewed for his article may have unreasonable expectations for a live performance by an eccentric 69-year-old, they do have some legit concerns about the health of Dylan's notoriously odd singing voice. The folk icon has devolved into "sounding like a scatting Cookie Monster," according to Jurgensen, who also speculates on the damage the singer's vocal cords have accumulated over the years. Weirdly, the most common fear among Dylan fans is that his refusal to retire is tarnishing his legacy. This is totally silly! If the entirety of his dismal output in the eighties and one of the craziest Christmas albums ever recorded could not damage the man's reputation as one of the all-time greats, a few lousy gigs won't hurt him either. [WSJ]