So, Does Miley Cyrus Make You Want to Try Salvia?


TMZ has posted a video of Miley Cyrus, gasp!, smoking from a bong during her 18th birthday, and then getting really goofy and hyper and telling some guy he looks a ton like her boyfriend. The first best detail: According to "a source connected with Miley," (so, like, the person who gave TMZ the video), Cyrus is smoking Salvia, a psychotropic plant that is legal in the state of California. Riiiiigght. We hope this takes its deserving place next to "I did not inhale" in the canon of cockamamie drug excuses. ("It was just Salvia!") The second best detail: Cyrus is totally getting stoned to the grungy sounds of Bush's 1995 single "Come Down." Sing along now! "That's when the D.J. dropped my favorite tune, and the Gavin Rossdale song was on/ the Gavin Rossdale song was on/ the Gavin Rossdale song was on. It's a party in the USA!" [TMZ]

Update: If the youtube video gets pulled again, you can watch it here.