Some Things Are Beyond Billy Ray Cyrus’s Control


Not that we support this type of thing, but it's hard enough keeping your weed-slash-reported-salvia habit from your parents, at 18, when you're just stuffing your stash in a sock drawer or something, so we can only imagine that keeping that sort of thing from dad is especially difficult for Miley Cyrus, with TMZ posting widely circulated videos of her taking bong hits and all. Alas, since her party was made public, Billy Ray Cyrus decided his "I'm so disappointed in you" speech should be public, too: "Sorry guys. I had no idea," the singer tweeted, allegedly in response to yesterday's video of his daughter taking a hit. "Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now." That being said, his previous tweet reads: "Oh wow ! I'm so excited !!! I tweeted follow Jesus and He showed up !!! I didn't know He was on twitter!!! I'm following Him ...... " So obviously he takes Twitter pretty seriously. [Twitter via News Briefs/EW]