Spider-Man Update: New Safety Protocols Implemented; Actor Still in Serious Condition


The Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark watch continues. With last night's show canceled, the production team worked to implement a new safety measure being enforced by state officials. The Times explains: "One offstage crew member will attach the harness and related cables, wires or tethers to the actors, and a second stagehand will verify that the attachments are made. That second stagehand will then verbally notify a stage manager that they are safely connected. The actor will also verify that the attachment is made. Previously, there was no second stagehand to verify or communicate with the stage manager, and the actor was not required to check his harness." Also: Christopher Tierney, the actor hurt earlier this week, is still in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital Center, and Assemblyman Rory I. Lancman is promising to hold a news conference discussing Spider-Man's safety issues today outside of the theater. Stay tuned! [NYT]