Swizz Beatz Provides Adorable Art Advice


He produces, he raps, he marries and impregnates R&B stars — and now he provides art-investment advice to Black Enterprise. Swizz Beatz's dalliances in the art world are well established at this point; he shares an art mentor with Bono, after all. But this is the first time, to our knowledge, that Swizz has passed on some of the knowledge he's accrued as he's made moves in the industry. Good thing he did, because it's not only practical but also extremely endearing. While a chyron rightly identifies him as "Music Producer & Art Connoisseur," Swizz explains that "you can invest just for the value of the art, which I don't really recommend. I did that before and I ended up with a bunch of expensive paintings that I didn't want to hang on my wall. Yeah, the value is there but you're investing in something that you're putting in storage ... I suggest people invest in art that they love, and just be smart about the research." Thanks, Swizz!