Taiwanese Animators Congratulate Leather Pig Elton John on His Adopted Child


Oh, Taiwanese animators Next Media! We had a great run there, didn't we? In 2010, you taught us so much about our homegrown controversies — whether they involved Conan O'Brien, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Jersey Shore, or The Social Network — by crudely animating them in minute-long clips (using proprietary software that may have been ripped from a CD-ROM of The Sims 2) and spiking the results with a dash of suspiciously Westernized viral humor. Still, perhaps the best way to celebrate the baby boy recently adopted through a surrogate by Elton John and his longtime partner David Furnish would not be to dress them as leather-clad, women's-wig-wearing dominatrices indoctrinating the baby into homosexual behavior. Just a thought! (Though we're sure the New York Post approves.) [Towleroad]