Take Me Home Tonight Trailer: Welcome Back, Topher Grace


A few years ago, it seemed like Topher Grace was set to transition from TV to film effortlessly, like in 2004, when he appeared in movies like In Good Company, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and P.S., or 2007, when he played a juicy adversary in Spider-Man 3. It didn't quite go as planned — that Spider-Man role was Grace's only big-screen job for a whole six-year stretch — but now the That 70's Show alum has begun to pop back up with increasing frequency. He was seen this year in Predators and Valentine's Day, and in March, he'll star in the long-delayed Take Me Home Tonight (formerly Kids in America), which he co-wrote. The trailer for Take Me has a lot of familiar elements (eighties nostalgia! Post-college aimlessness! One big end-of-summer party! A fat sidekick who screams!), but there's a good cast there, and who can get mad at seeing Anna Faris and her husband, Chris Pratt, share scenes? Still, if he really wants to cement his movie comeback, maybe Grace should hook himself up with serial That 70's Show co-star–banger Natalie Portman.