The Real 30 Rock Writers Room vs. The TGS Writers Room

When we started 30 Rock five years ago, I had asked if I could sit in on the writers room. I like doing a lot of research to prepare for roles. I sat in on the writers room, and it’s actually a lot like what we film. I kind of started watching firsthand what they were doing. I also feel like there’s always these creative environments we’re always in. I’m a writer myself, and when you’re around a bunch of other people. there’s always a point where you just get delirious. You’re just trying to keep your creativity going. You’re making fun of people, you make crazy inanimate objects have sex with each other, and you just get delirious. You want to play jokes on people and do anything to keep creativity going. That’s why it’s such a fun and ripe thing to write about — there’s always crazy people in that writers room.