This Christmas, the Killers Give the World Self-Help Pop


As you may or may not know, every December for the last four years the Killers have released a single to benefit the (RED) Foundation. And they're not letting a little thing like technically not being a band right now stop them from hitting lucky No. 5: “Boots,” a triumphant ditty accompanied by a video directed by major filmmaker Jared Hess, is now here. Brandon Flowers is the only one who showed up for the video shoot, actually, so maybe this is actually Flowers in his current solo incarnation, being generous enough to let the other dudes stay home but still get credit for do-gooding? (Seeing as Flowers's solo material isn't all that different from his Killers stuff, it's hard to say conclusively.) “Boots” isn't as happy-go-lucky as last year's “Happy Birthday Guadalupe,” instead going for general uplift: While Flowers details a quaint domestic scene, we see heartwarming scenes of a homeless man pulling himself up by the bootstraps via the magical art of street performance. Vulture, for one, is definitely feeling inspired. [Stereogum]