Timbaland Has a Sad Christmas Message for You


Over the summer TMZ reported that Timbaland, so distraught after a $2 million Jacob & Co. watch went missing, took off without alerting his family to his whereabouts, leading to the cops being called in and rumors of a suicide scare floating. (Timbaland later explained it all to Ryan Seacrest, but didn't sound very happy while doing it.) Well, here comes the latest missive from the super-producer, and — yeah, he still sounds kind of bummed. The ostensible point is to officially announce his G.O.O.D. Friday–cribbing series Timbo Thursdays, which will launch in January with a new jam for your ears to enjoy weekly, forever. But Timbaland also sneaks in references to the giant-ass Christmas tree placed strategically behind him and all the secretive charitable work he's doing (100,000 PlayStation/Xboxes are going out for free!) that nobody even knows about. Mostly, though, if we were to take away one thing from the video, it's that nobody better take any more watches from Timbaland.