Vampire Weekend Turn British Radio Pop Into Vampire Weekend


As has been pointed out elsewhere, “Fight for This Love” — the mawkish techno-pop ballad from X Factor judge Cheryl Cole that tore up the charts in Britain last year and has just been covered by Vampire Weekend for BBC Radio — is one of a bunch of U.K. pop tracks Ezra Koenig highlighted in Rolling Stone for one of those “my favorite [blank]” lists. (Also doing it for Koenig: Yolanda Be Cool, Scooter, Katy B, the Sugababes, “Put a Donk on It.”) It’s the kind of thing that probably drives the traditional Vampire Weekend hater crazy: Taken from that curmudgeonly angle, it’s Koenig associating himself with not just lowbrow radio jams, but mystique-having international lowbrow radio jams to calculatingly deflate his band’s snooty reputation. If you’re not the kind of person who considers the Lil Jon reference on “Oxford Comma” a particularly low point in this decade’s pop-culture annals, though, it’s just a guy being earnestly informed and enthusiastic about some fun music, and it's pretty winning. Also helpful: Vampire Weekend’s take on “Fight for This Love” swabs on a jittery guitar line and big horns, dials down the vocal histrionics, and just generally acquits itself in a manner befitting the long, glorious shadow of the original. It could have only come from a true believer.