The 12 Nastiest Moments From The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead head zombie killer, Frank Darabont, reportedly just fired all of the show's writers. But you know who deserves to get raises? His effects crew: Even when the show's dialogue seemed a little inhuman, these gore artists tirelessly and inventively brought us endless variations on spilled guts, head-splitting crack-ups, flesh-devouring bites, and the show's very own version of Lady Gaga's meat dress. Whether the violence was human-on-zombie, zombie-on-human, or human-on-human, and whether inflicted by ax, arrow, teeth, gun, or fist, it raised the stakes on gruesome TV murders in a way that has to make the guys over at CSI HQ jealous. With the first season of Walking Dead ending Sunday night — and our lunches safely digested — we thought it was time for a comprehensive look back at our favorite bone-crunching, flesh-eating moments.