Wesley Snipes on Larry King: Extremely Calm, Still Believing in Miracles


Convicted tax evader Wesley Snipes — who is scheduled to report to the McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania, tomorrow to begin a three-year sentence — appeared on Larry King Live last night with his lawyer, where they very, very calmly argued Snipes's innocence. And they were fairly convincing, too, bringing up credible-sounding issues with a juror's decision-making process and the fact that a three-year sentence in response to a misdemeanor charge for failing to file a tax return is out of proportion with sentences handed down in similar cases.

Also, Snipes, who has been championed by the Libertarian Party, explained that he is not at all a politically motivated tax evader: “This is another thing that has been misreported: It has been framed that I was a conspirator and that I was an architect in a scheme by an organization that has been characterized as tax protesters.” That's kind of a drag: This whole thing would be both more interesting and sense-making if it turned out Snipes was actually an impassioned anti-government activist the whole time. Anyway, this dude is definitely going to jail tomorrow! Asked if he had any last-minute tricks up his sleeves, Wes answered, “We still have prayers out there, Larry. We still believe in miracles. Don't send me up the river just yet.” One quick thought here to get Snipes out of hot water: any sort of scheme involving stealing a subway car full of change with Woody Harrelson, and/or hustling street basketball games for money with Woody Harrelson.