Will a Newly Leaked Song Help Justin Timberlake Win an Oscar? [Updated]


Vulture's Oscar Futures isn't too high on Justin Timberlake's Oscar shot, but with The Social Network picking up every single critic's circle award ever, JT has to feel like he still has a shot at this thing. So could the surprise appearance of "Take You Down" — a Neptunes-produced Timberlake track of unknown origin and age — all be a part of his campaign? Think about it: The dude talks all this game about how he's maybe not going to do music anymore, and then this tossed-off but still pretty great sex jam shows up, reminding everyone that, if he wanted to, Justin could probably take the "top male pop star alive" title back at any moment. But he doesn't! Because he loves acting so much! Do you appreciate the sacrifices this man is making, voting members of the Academy? Do you need to hear "Take You Down" again? Updated: It's a fake! Sorry about that. [MTV]