Yoko Ono Approves of Lady Gaga’s Bottom-Baring


In October, Lady Gaga wore a butt-less, crystal-encrusted black jumpsuit while performing onstage with Yoko Ono. If you were scandalized on Ono's behalf, you needn't have been. "She performed with me on stage wearing a see-through lace catsuit and people thought it was an insult because you could see her bottom," Ono scoffed to the Daily Mail. "I'm the lady who did an exhibition of bottoms. How could hers offend me? She has a very lovely bottom. I think she's wonderful. John would have loved her, because she's an artist, she's fearless and she pushes every limit, which we both always adored. She has played on John's white piano and I think that's wonderful. Life moves on and you embrace it." [Daily Mail UK]