127 Hours’s Most Brutal Cut May Have Been to Its Ending


Did you wonder why Party Down star Lizzy Caplan appeared in 127 Hours for all of two seconds as James Franco's sister? According to screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, she was supposed to come back at the end of the movie, but the day before director Danny Boyle had to lock in his cut, he deleted the entire, extensive third act. What was originally supposed to follow Franco's rescue? (Alternate-universe spoilers, obviously.) Said Beaufoy: "There's a long scene with his mother in the hospital, there's a long scene with the ex-girlfriend where she told him a few hard truths, there was a scene at his sister's wedding, which he referenced in the movie ... the day before we were due, we were looking at it in the cutting room and we had been debating it and we said, it's a great ending, but not for the movie that we made. It felt dishonest. So we cut it." [Carpetbagger/NYT]