Kabletown Eerily Takes Over 30 Rock the Same Day Comcast Takes Over NBC


Usually, 30 Rock's satires of its own network NBC are hilariously on-target, but they're rarely creepily prescient. Vulture has learned that tonight's episode begins with Liz and Jack watching as the GE sign on the roof of 30 Rock blinks out and is replaced by a glowing red and white "k," the logo for the network's new owners, Kabletown. (See the before and after above.) Sure, we knew this takeover was coming...but for it to happen on the very same day that the real NBC's employees had a town meeting with their new Comcast boss, Steve Burke, unofficially marking the beginning of that takeover (and new logo)? Eerie. Sources tell us that Tina Fey and Co. are not in fact psychic and that it is purely coincidental, although we are checking microfilm to see if on Oct. 11, 2007, hours before Tracy Jordan's famous music video first aired, a temple actually was holding the world's first werewolf bar mitzvah.

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