Akron/Family Gently Urges You to Go With the Flow


Here's a nice message for a new year: Akron/Family — the commendably productive Brooklyn folk-rockers dropping Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT, their sixth release in seven years, this February — have offered up a new single, “So It Goes,” that effectively preaches a more carefree approach to life. Representative lyrics: “last night I saved / $1.80 on ice cream at Safeway / a women outside then asked me for a dollar-eighty / [background dialogue]: did you give it to her? / yes I did.” It's a remarkable personal philosophy set atop an irresistibly bouncy, sharply distorted guitar line, one that's eventually joined by crashing cymbals and effervescent backup-vocal "ahh ahh"s, and eventually dropped out altogether in favor of a scrubbed-clean riff and an angelic falsetto. By the way, this all happens in two and a half minutes. That Akron/Family, they sure can get it done in a hurry when they want to.