The 10 Clichés You Missed on the American Idol Press Conference


Ryan Seacrest and the new American Idol judges' panel met with reporters Tuesday at TCA and — no surprise — there were absolutely no surprises. J.Lo looked fabulous, Steven Tyler continued his quest to become the New Paula with a series of wacky statements, Randy Jackson was ... well, Randy, and many clichés were spouted about how great and fresh the new show will be. It took 45 minutes, but we think we can sum up the proceedings with the following ten quotes.

1. "What American Idol is all about now is taking it up a notch. We're looking for something different." —Tyler

2. "I thought it would be fun, and it's more fun than I thought it would be." —Lopez

3. "It will be a lot of fun and funny. There's a genuine camaraderie." —Seacrest

4. "Trust me: We got the heat this season." —Jackson

5. "We're still rockin' big time." —Tyler, on Aerosmith

6. "You know me: I change it up every day. I'm just gonna be me." —Lopez

7. "I am who I am." —Tyler

8. "A little less 'yo's, a little more 'no's.' You'll see more hair on the Dawg." —Jackson

9. "I would do it for free — sing, perform, act, make music. It's what I love." —Lopez

10. "Fuck no." —Tyler, when asked if there would be a five-second delay on Idol during the live shows